A place for professionals on Twitter.

Twizam is a professional network that connects people through information. It helps you discover and connect with local Thought Leaders who are sharing timely and relevant information based on your professional interests. more...

People Discovery

Our mission is to take information discovery a step further. We’ve designed a way to help you discover and connect with the very people who’ve authored, published and shared the best information online.


In the era of real-time information sharing on platforms like Twitter, each link represents a real person often distinguishable by a Twitter identity. Twizam leverages this information to establish professional identities for those sharing the best information online, which serves as the foundation for connecting with others in a new and innovative way.

The Right Culture for Sharing

First generation professional networks are analogous to an online rolodex of real-world contacts. While keeping track of your business contacts is valuable, it does not create an online culture for sharing ideas, information or learning from other smart people.

Establishing relationships based on ‘what’ people know vs. ‘who’ they know creates a different culture for online professional networking. People are less inhibited to share online when not connected to co-workers, colleagues or managers.

Present and Future

Twizam is exclusively for professionals on Twitter. Since we’re in Private Beta, we are currently invitation only. Follow @seattlevince or @twizam for news and updates. less...

Recommend content (links) related to your professional interests.
Discover and connect with local Thought Leaders related to those interests.
Build relationships through conversations with local professionals.